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  Solid, steel construction, elevation of one's choice, beautiful finishing of the interior with the materials chosen to one's taste. These are the key characteristics of mobile homes, and most importantly - one can rest in our homes in spring, summer, autumn and winter! .

   Looking for a perfect mobile home for a plot of land or a camping site, for sure, you have come across Dutch/English homes. These homes are not adjusted to being used as a resting place in the autumn or winter. Letniskowo produces all seasons mobile homes with electrical or gas heating. All homes on wheels from our offer are all seasons homes. They are insulated with 12-13 cm PUR foam on the walls, floor and the roof.


   Mobile homes Basic can be furnished to your own liking. The internal and external walls of mobile homes are complete. The homes have full plumbing and electrical installations, windows, entry and internal doors, sockets, LED lighting. All ready to be furnished.

  Mobile homes Comfort are fully furnished and ready to use. There is furniture, beds, fully furnished bathroom, kitchen with fridge and electric cooktop and electric radiators in all the rooms.

Mobile home can be adjusted to the conditions in your country. After production process, each home undergoes a detailed quality control.




Mobile Homes models are now more accessible.

Fall into the three-dimensional simulation of our mobile homes.

We invite you for a trip into interior of your dreamy home via VR Google.
During your visit at we not only will take you into every room of each model
but also you will get you know the secrets of production of your mobile home.


Models of mobile homes


Our offer includes new static caravans from 35m2 to 57m2. Each home has different layout of rooms, number of bedrooms and sleeping places.  When ordering a home you decide about the equipment (Basic/Comfort), colour scheme, interior design, some windows can be replaced with balcony windows.


MADERA - 13,2m x 4,3m


6-7 sleeping places 




Design your dreamy home

The new Model MADERA is another model designed to acommodate more people. Two independent entraces to the house is one of the most important elements of this model. For those whe even in a small space apprecite comfort and convenience. 57m2 od area allow for a functional arrangement of rooms: living room with kitchenette, 2 bedrooms, including one with commected wardrobe, two fully equipped bathrooms. 

MALTA - 13,2m X 4,3m

57 m2
6-7 sleeping places




Design your dreamy home

The new static caravan Malta is another model designed to accommodate more people.
On a 57m2 plan we will find 3 bedrooms, including one with connected wardrobe, two fully equipped bathrooms and a spacious living room with a kitchenette.
In the Malta mobile home model an important element is the bedroom, which combined with a bathroom and wardrobe creates a place of personal relaxation.

MALAGA - 13,2m x 4,3m

57 m2
6-7 sleeping places



Design your dreamy home

Malaga 57m2.pdf

Malaga is a model adapted to accommodate more people and may function as hotel or employee accommodation. Spacious rooms and high-quality basic equipment contribute to a wonderfully relaxing holiday. 57m2 of area allow for a functional arrangement of rooms: living room with kitchenette, three bedrooms, a bathroom, and a separate toilet.

SANTORINI - 12m x 4m

48 m2
2-4 sleeping places




Design your dreamy home

Santorini 48m2.pdf

The large number of windows make Santorini a mobile home full of sunshine heat. The windows play an extremely important role in this model - they ensure constant access of sunlight inside.

The interior of the static caravan is full of natural light. It is arranged in a modern style, combining innovative materials and colours. The year-round Santorini mobile home, with external dimensions of 12×4m, has one bedroom, a living room with a kitchenette and a bathroom, which gives a total of 4 sleeping places. Ideal for couples.

RIVIERA - 12m x 4m

48 m2
4-6 sleeping places




Design your dreamy home

Riviera 48m2.pdf

Home on wheels Riviera will meet the requirements of the most demanding clients. The area of the home is 48m2 with 2 bedrooms, a bathroom and centrally located living room with a corner kitchenette.

Mobile home  Riviera can be produced in a modern Swedish style or in classical wood. When signing the agreement, one can choose the material of internal walls and the elevation.


MONAKO - 12m x 4m

48 m2
4-6 sleeping places



Design your dreamy home

Monako 48m2.pdf

Mobile home Monako is perfect for those who love space. The area of the house is 48m2 which is the size of an apartment in a block of flats, yet the prices of flats do not even start with the price given below. With this price you can get a home of this size, ready to move in and furnish.

Spacious living room, with a big number of windows, two bedrooms and a bathroom can fit 4-6 people. It is enough to furnish the house, connect the utilities and start using it!

VERONA - 12m x 4m

48 m2
6-8 sleeping places




Design your dreamy home

Verona 48m2.pdf

The living room and the kitchen are not separated for the house to be more specious and bigger. It is furnished with a fold-out sofa, coffee table, space for table and chairs and a TV set. There are two rows of cabinets in the kitchen: top and bottom, sink, big fridge and electric cooktop. The bathroom fully equipped with: toilet, washbasin and a cabinet underneath, cabinet with a mirror and a shower.

The bedroom has a double bed, settees and a bunk bed. Verona - all season mobile home - is very functional with wardrobes and different cupboards.

PALERMO - 12m x 4m

48 m2
4-6 sleeping places



Design your dreamy home

Palermo 48m2.pdf

One of the biggest new static caravans in our offer, dedicated to big families and groups of friends.  The bedrooms can accommodate up to 4 people and a fold-out corner sofa gives you four extra sleeping places. Kitchen island gives the caravan a modern look, and the glazing (5 windows) in the living room makes the impression of extra space and opens the view to your land or lake.

Home on wheels Palermo, be it Basic or Comfort version, is an all seasons home, just like all our mobile homes. Each home has insulated floor, walls, and the roof with PUR foam, which tightly insulates every nook and cranny, but also stiffens the entire home structure. Heating in autumn and winter seasons is provided by electric radiators with temperature regulation.

PORTO - 12m x 4m

48 m2
4-6 sleeping places




Design your dreamy home

Porto 48m2.pdf

New static caravan  Porto has a spacious corridor and a living room with many windows in the outermost corner of the house (total area of 24m2), which gives the impression of a bigger space and the fact that the house has a oblong shape is no longer a problem.

The bedrooms are furnished with double bed, a sofa or a bunk bed, wardrobes and cupboards perfect for storing your clothes, bed sheets and other belongings.

Apart from the standard furnishing, new static caravan Porto may be additionally equipped with air conditioning, mosquito net or decorative shutters. What is more, the 160/110 windows in the living room may be replaced with balcony windows giving you an extra door to the terrace and the impression of even bigger space.

BALI - 10m x 3,5m

35 m2
4-6 sleeping places



Design your dreamy home

Bali 35m2.pdf

The all seasons mobile home Bali  has two bedrooms, a bathroom and a spacious living room with a kitchenette. Thanks to a fold-out sofa in the living room Bali can house up to 6 people. It is a home on wheels so you can park it anywhere you want on your piece of land.

Your all seasons summer house is available to you all year long thanks to the use of high quality materials, 13 cm PUR foam insulation, tight windows and radiators.  

MALIBU - 10m x 3,5m

35 m2
4-6 sleeping places


Design your dreamy home

Malibu 35m2.pdf

We will make sure that your  mobile home Malibu, in the COMFORT version, has indispensable interior design. Each home on wheels is insulated, heated, with windows, and doors and all utilities installations. The COMFORT version of the house is furnished with all the necessary equipment, and its BASIC version is ready to be furnished.

Each home on wheels of our production is fully mobile.  We can transport it to any location in your country.



Our architect will take on a tour around different models of mobile homes.





Zydrunas Savickas broke the record in pulling mobile home which took place during family picnic.


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