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Work estates


Location: Netherlands

Mobile Home Model: Malaga 13,2x4,3m

Amount: 80 pcs

Purpose: employee accommodation


We have models as Malaga adapted to hold more people as equivalent to a hotel or employee accommodation. Full furnished mobile homes may accomodate 6-7 people.

Completion period is around 8 weeks.




Have a look how stage by stage the work estate was becoming.

  • New standard for migrant workers
  • Fully operational within 3-6 months
  • Balanced and energy-efficient




Location: Netherlands

Mobile Home Model: 13,2x4,3m

amount: 50 pcs

Purpose: homes in aricultural enterprise

Our model 57m2 is a perfect solution to accommodate seasonal workers on a farm. This custom-made project has 4 bedrooms, one big kitchen, bathroom and toilet. A large space, funcionality, comfort and at the same time close the nature.